Monday, June 25, 2012

Payton's first Red's game!

Yesterday was Jon's company's Red's day! This was P's first Red's game...a day I had been worrying about for a while! I didn't know how she would react to sitting in the seats, the crowd getting wild,etc! But, actually...she did pretty well! As long as she had a snack, she was very content! Her favorite part was the snow cone of course! Her are some pics of our big day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Payton's first pet, Reggie!

Meet Reggie...the newest Felts! When Jon asked her what she was going to name her new fish...she answered what sounded like "reggie"....

Payton insisted on holding him all the way home...kissing and hugging the poor thing!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9 months...the most fun so far!!

I mean it...if I thought she was fun before, its 10 times better this month!  She is beginning to crawl, she claps constantly and talks all day long!  She is waving bye-bye and doing Patty Cake!

At her 9 month check up, P
  • weighed 15lb 9 oz (11th percentile)
  • was 27 3/4 inches long
  • talked and walked for the doc!
  • Doc said she was "pretty perfect"

She sticks her tongue out when she is concentrating!

Rocking the piggytails!  I'm soo glad she has all that silly hair on top!

now that she's semi-mobile...this is her favorite past time!  MAKING A MESS!

8 months!

When my girl turned 8 months old, I started to realize...this kid's growing up on me!  She is finally getting big and she has the funniest personality!  I think she is starting to look like me when I was a baby! 

This month, she got a BUNCH of new toys so we
could spend plenty of time outside!

The car is definitely her favorite!

Payton's first Easter

I think mommy and daddy had more fun on the first easter than Payton,
UNTIL - We showed her EASTER EGGS!!

Her first Easter basket!

And of course...we had a wonderful day at church!

She did turn 7 months, even though I didn't blog it!!

This month...Payton is sitting up very well! 

She is drinking out of a sippy cup...kind of!  She mostly spits it all over herself!

The mohawk has made a return appearance!  Thank goodness...I was missing it!

She is in loooove with puffs!  It could be the first food she has ever liked!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break in SC

Last week, we had an amazing Spring Break in South Carolina with our favies!! It was our first vacation with Ms. P and she did really well!  The car ride was about 9 hours each way - and surprisingly - she stayed pretty happy!

Even though the girls fought over toys most of the is very apparent that they are and will be besties!!


We had their Easter pictures taken...which was kind of a train wreck!  Good news, though...Brittney managed to pull some amazing shots of the girls!



This is possibly the coolest kid ever...

Of course...the vacation ended too quickly - and like left me wishing I was a Carolina Girl. :(