Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break in SC

Last week, we had an amazing Spring Break in South Carolina with our favies!! It was our first vacation with Ms. P and she did really well!  The car ride was about 9 hours each way - and surprisingly - she stayed pretty happy!

Even though the girls fought over toys most of the is very apparent that they are and will be besties!!


We had their Easter pictures taken...which was kind of a train wreck!  Good news, though...Brittney managed to pull some amazing shots of the girls!



This is possibly the coolest kid ever...

Of course...the vacation ended too quickly - and like left me wishing I was a Carolina Girl. :(

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  1. I SO wish ya'll were Carolina girls too!!! But you did forget to post how P puked a bow up and everything else she ate :))) I can't wait until our summer vaca!! Addie says hurry up I miss my BFF!!!!!