Monday, January 17, 2011

Payton's B-Day!!

Payton turned 4 months old on Saturday! 
Time is flying by and P is changing so much every day! 

She has been very busy since 3 months!  This month, Payton is...

Sitting in her bumbo seat...with a little gangsta lean!

sucking those hands...especially the thumbs!

Turning her body 90 degrees...I still can't explain how she's doing it!

 rolling over and staying up on her side!

 sitting up in her boppy pillow for about 10 seconds at a time.  Then, she scoots
her butt down and rests her head!

 jumping in her Johnny Jump Up!!  (And screaming I LOVE IT the whole time!)

 noticing her feet and can I get this in my mouth?

She learned to squeal and does it pretty much non-stop!  Watch this video...


  1. She's so stinking cute!! Love the one of her looking at her toes...I bet she'd love to chew on those for a bit too! :O) The video was adorable too!

  2. "Love you too aunt Holly!! I hear your voice every night!!" ~Payton...

    "Thanx Lindsay, I know I'm cute!" ~Payton...