Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Half a Year Payton!!

Payton turned 6 months old last week!  It's going too quickly, but I think this
is the most fun month so far!

At her 6 month check up, P:
*Weighed 14.1 lbs (9th percintile!)
*Measured 27 inches long
*Got 3 shots :( (luckily, no more until 12 months!)
*Got a perfect report from the Doc once again!!

This month... 

Payton has started sitting up all by herself!

We started feeding her baby food...which she LOVES!

Her first bite...

She has started to enjoy tummy time a little more!

...and is rolling over and pushing her booty up like she's going to take off!

I know it's early...way too early...but she loves to stand up!  HELP!!

She's got enough hair (at least on top) for a ponytail!! Yay!

And we've gotten to take her outside several times to play...which is her favorite!!

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